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Mar 22, 2011

American Tool & Mold helps customers realize their potentials with unique conceptual design efficiency and lean manufacturing.

Mar 8, 2011

Emilia earned a Mechanical Engineering degree graduating with National Deans List Honors from USF in 2001.

With many years of experience in various roles at ATM and the mentoring of the company's founder, Emilia is taking ATM to the next level of Operational Excellence.


Injection Molding by American Technical Molding

Demetre Loulourgas, CEO and President of ATM

Emilia Loulourgas
Giannakopoulos, CEO

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"When it's too tough for the others, it's just about right for us"

With our special expertise in two-shot molding we can combine different resins or colors in one process, This saves you money by reducing production and assembly time and eliminating secondary operations, and produces a higher quality part with improved integrity and enhanced appearance.

Our Stack Molding capabilities allow us to use high production injection molds with multiple parting lines; producing multiple molded plastic parts more economically over large production runs.

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We provide high quality precision injection molded plastic parts for these industries and more:

  • Automotive Parts
    plastic injection molded automotive parts
  • Medical and Healthcare Supplies
    injection molded medical and health supplies
  • Cosmetics Industry
    injection molded containers for the cosmetics industry
  • Audio Visual Components and Cases
    injection molded cases for seakers and AV equipment
  • Plastic Bottles and Jars
    injection molded plastic bottles and jars
  • Caps and Closures
    injection molded cas and closures - unscrewing technology
  • Plastic Pens
    plastic pens and writing implements
  • Markers and Hilighters
    plastic injection molded markers

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