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Mar 22, 2011

American Tool & Mold helps customers realize their potentials with unique conceptual design efficiency and lean manufacturing.

Mar 8, 2011

Emilia earned a Mechanical Engineering degree graduating with National Deans List Honors from USF in 2001.

With many years of experience in various roles at ATM and the mentoring of the company's founder, Emilia is taking ATM to the next level of Operational Excellence.


Injection Molding Capabilities

High-quality injection molded plastic part manufacturing services and solutions to many industries, from home furnishing makers to major automobile manufacturers and their OEM suppliers.

  • Cold Runner Injection Molding

    Best used for limited production runs, or when rapid change of production color is needed; molds cost less than Hot Runners; higher material costs; too costly for large production runs.

  • Contract Manufacturing

    Production of injection molded plastic parts; engineering, manufacturing, assembly; develop production processes; deliver your finished product to market.

  • Hot Runner Injection Molding

    Advanced manufacturing facilities; eliminates excess material in feed channels of a cold runner mold; reduces number of production steps; material cost savings; reduced energy costs.

  • Injection Molded Plastic Parts Manufacturing

    Skilled, quality-minded professionals committed to superior service; latest in technological equipment; cost-effective molding systems; quality assurance second-to-none.

  • Insulated Runner Injection Molding

    Inexpensive alternative to traditional hot runner systems; insulated runner mold is not heated; runner channels are extremely thick and stay molten during continuous cycling.

  • Overmolding

    Combines plastics with materials like rubber to form a completed part; uses a pre-formed plastic part placed into mold; second material is then injected into mold, covering all or portion of the first part.

  • Stack Molding

    High production injection molds with multiple parting lines; produce multiple molded plastic parts more economically over large production runs; processes for complex specialty injection molds.

  • Thermoplastic Injection Molding

    Thermoplastic injection molding is the most widely used of all plastic processing methods. Once formed, thermoplastics can be heated, reformed and recycled over and over again, reducing waste and saving on material costs.

  • Unscrewing Molding

    Plastic parts with detailed internal or external threading; need to be carefully unscrewed from mold to avoid thread damage; latest molding technology to maximize mold performance.

  • Value-Added Services

    We offer our customers a number of value-added services to complete a project without the need for additional vendors.

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