Value Added Molding

From concept and design, to mold building, to testing and quality control, to packaging and shipping, American Technical Molding is the “One-Stop Solution” for plastic injection molding services.

As part of that philosophy, we offer our customers a number of value-added services to complete a project without employing additional vendors, including:

Custom Packaging

Prepare products for shipping; custom packaging to fulfill your specific requirements; bulk packaging; custom, consumer-ready packages; save steps, time and money

In-Mold Decorating

Durable decorated plastic parts; apply design elements during molding process; decoration becomes a permanent part of the piece; sharp, clear decorations should last life of the part

Pad Printing

Custom prints in one or many colors; prints on flat or irregularly shaped surfaces of plastic parts; can be used for decorative and functional applications

Product Assembly Services

Assembly of multiple parts that we fabricate; or combine our parts with an outside vendor’s; finished product assembled to your exact specifications

Ultrasonic Insertion

Used to bond metal and plastic parts together; efficient alternative to glues, adhesives or additional heating or processes; offers distinct advantages over other bonding processes

Ultrasonic Welding

Bond two pieces of plastic together; most commonly used welding process; very fast; produces welds relatively free of flash; easy to automate; suitable for high volume production