Quality Assurance

American Technical Molding, Inc. is proud to announce its certification renewal of

ISO 9001:2016.

At American Technical Molding, all areas of the business are focused on consistently producing quality products and services for our customers by using the systematic approach and continuous improvement methods implemented through ISO 9001:2008. Our dedicated focus results in superior components, part-to-part repeatability and strict conformance to customer specifications.

Our manufacturing process combines automation with expertly trained operators in the most effective manner possible, enabling us to produce parts and materials within tight specifications and tolerances while ensuring quality inspections of each item. Our preventive maintenance program ensures our production schedule stays on track, ensuring our customers receive their parts on time.

For new parts and components, our Quality Department can work with you to determine quality standards and specifications by using measurement method evaluations and statistical analysis. We pride ourselves in our ability to work with our customers toward superior quality products.

Our ability to produce consistent quality products is achieved through:

First article inspections performed by Quality Assurance personnel

Statistical analysis performed on all parts (Cpk, Cp, Ppk, PPAP)

Measurement methods evaluation including OGP Vision system, optical comparators, toolmaker scopes, Comtem compression/tension gauges

24/7 Production monitoring with Quality Inspectors on each shift

Final audits performed with c=0 criteria

Environmentally controlled facility