Improved inspection equipment brings increased efficiency to American Tool & Mold

American Tool & Mold is pleased to announce that it has just acquired additional measurement equipment to ensure precise evaluation and inspection of parts. “The Mitutoyo Quick Vision system is miles ahead of our previous equipment. It has a number of features that are expected to result in great savings for the company,” according to Phil Gaitan, Director of Sales.

The Mitutoyo Quick Vision APEX pro series has accuracy to (1.5+3/1000) microns. This rating is the top of the industry, exceeding the needs of the customer. The table has a movement of 15.75” x 15.75” and a height of 9.84” giving plenty of space to measure either single or multiple dimensions on multiple parts.

The touch probe allows precise 3-D vision measurement of very complicated parts along all three axes simultaneously. By eliminating the need for manual, mechanical probes, human measurement and transcription errors are avoided and the inspection time is speeded up considerably.

A key feature of the equipment is the integration between the probe and the software. During the measuring process, the Quick Vision system can automatically input data into the MeasureLink SPC software. This allows real-time data review, so technicians can immediately notify the production department if there is a dimensional variation. By eliminating the delay between measurement and interpretation, the production department can make immediate adjustments, resulting in less scrap and less wasted labor.

Another feature of the Mitutoyo system is the ability to measure accurately even on transparent or mirrored surfaces. A pattern is projected onto the surface, allowing measurement from the projected pattern.